What is on the Firefighter Exam?


Before anyone becomes a firefighter, a lot of examinations will be conducted covering a wide range from intellectual to mental capacity. A fireman has to be dedicated to his work and brave enough to save lives even if it means risking their own.  In this kind of field, the safety of the people as well as their properties are rescued by the firefighters. They carry a heavy responsibility because lives are in line if they commit a mistake.

We cannot put lives in danger that’s why firefighters are being selected thoroughly through examinations. A lot people may think that the aptitude test contains a lot of questions about the rules and regulations as well as the procedures of firefighting but in reality,but the aptitude test for fighters is a wide variety of questions some are not even in line with firefighting. The reason behind this kind of examinations is to determine whether the applicant is dedicated enough to become a firefighter.

There may be some questions about firefighting procedures and protocols but these are very rare since this is not a requirement according to the law. These type of questions are being included just to test the applicant’s problem solving capacity.

The applicant’s ability to analyze and understand the situation presented in a diagram, chart or table is being tested in the examination. This is also use to test the candidate’s ability to follow the instructions given.

Although someone doesn’t have to be an expert mechanic to become a firefighter, it is still important to have some mechanical background. It is important that you have some basic knowledge about the function of different devices. Learning on how to read dials and gauges accurately will help you gain additional points in the exam.

The problem solving skills of the applicant is also being tested in the exams. Their ability to recognize the problem as well as their skills in handling it will be determined. It is also a part of the exam to test their ability to comprehend including their analytical thinking.

The written exam may last up to 2-3 hours and you should always remember that you should not hurry in taking the examinations. Read the questions thoroughly and analyze each but you should also bear in mind that you should also avoid overanalyzing the questions given because this may also give you a wrong answer even if you already got it the first time, trust your instincts.

In the firefighting aptitude test, you don’t know what field to study and that makes it more difficult. But you should remember that the exam is given not to test your IQ level but it is set to test your abilities. You can always use those practice test online to give you some ideas about the exam.